How do you like your corporate gifts? Undamaged?

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The time for corporate gift giving is fast approaching!

If your business isn’t B2C, it can be tricky to identify the best packaging for individually shipping items; you’re used to shipping in bulk. If you’re looking to find the best packaging to deliver your gift in one piece – and deliver the wow factor – then we have a few ideas for you.

Wine, beer and spirits

Inflatable packaging solutions such as Airsac are perfect for shipping wine and beer bottles. Not only do they offer first-class product protection, they also look smart and can be reused! Airsac bags are supplied flat for space efficiency can be easily inflated with a small compressor or airline.


Clothes and shoes may not require the same level of protection as breakables but elegant presentation will help impress your customers. There’s a wide selection of good-looking eCommerce boxes available on the market so ensure you pick those offering the best fit for your products. Choose a box with a self-sealing strip and a tear strip to facilitate closing and opening. You might consider adding tissue paper to make your parcels look extra special.

Books, CDs, DVDs

Packaging solutions such as postal wraps, postal envelopes and bubble mailers are perfect for sending rectangular items such as books, games, calendars and DVDs. They normally come with a self-sealing strip eliminating the need for extra tape to secure your parcels. In turn, this helps ensure your parcels are neat and your products beautifully presented.

Health & Beauty

For shipping fragile and expensive products such as perfumes and cosmetics boxes with a transparent Korrvu insert might be the perfect solution. The insert secures your products inside the box preventing movement and damage in transit while ensuring excellent product presentation at opening.

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