Express Yourself with the Next Generation of Bubble Wrap

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This week’s guest blogger is John Wolf, Vice President Sector Marketing at Sealed Air.

The Bubble Wrap® everyone knows and loves has reached a new level of protection with an added touch of whimsy. No longer is the leading inflatable package protector regulated to a common, cellular shape.

Bubble Wrap (specifically the Bubble Wrap IB brand) can now be made into stars, hearts, smiley faces, and more. The new offerings are part of the Expressions line, which also offers special phrases, logos and colors.

Opening a box just got a lot more fun.

When it comes to the corrugated box, you can color it, put a logo on it, or try to disguise it in some way but it’s still just a box. Important as it is, the main purpose of the box is to serve as a vessel for transporting products from point A to point B. It’s what’s inside the box that differentiates the company that sends it.

By wrapping items with Bubble Wrap IB Expressions, retailers can now provide a bit of personalization while still protecting the contents of the box. In a survey Sealed Air conducted about e-commerce packaging, 66% of respondents believed the packaging of their shipment showed them how much the retailer cares about them and their order.

The timing of Expressions couldn’t be more perfect as personalization and customization are two of the leading trends in e-commerce and retail. The product provides gift givers with perfect sentiments. Birthday tokens can be wrapped in inflated plastic that spells “Happy Birthday,” gifts of gratitude can be wrapped in protective bubble that spells “Thank You.”

But Sealed Air’s Expressions offerings aren’t just pretty faces (or hearts, stars, and messages). Like all other Sealed Air products, the Expressions line is designed to provide packages with the best inflatable cushioning on the market.

It’s a charming solution to a serious problem.

Though free shipping and delivery speed are paramount to online shoppers, they are also concerned about damage.

  • 58% of respondents in the Sealed Air e-commerce survey said their relationship with the retailer would be negatively impacted if their online order was damaged.
  • 35% said they would consider purchasing from a competitor and 20% would never use that retailer again.

Retailers have myriad choices to make when it comes to secondary packaging. Boosting the customer experience by delighting the senses or adding an element of surprise goes beyond expectation and elevates the brand in the mind of the consumer.

Expressions, the next generation of Bubble Wrap, is a creative choice for a better unboxing experience.


John Wolf

John Wolf is Sealed Air‘s Global Vice President of Marketing.