Reducing costs in Automotive manufacture

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Car makers have cited Brexit as the “Biggest threat in a generation” to the UK car industry. So if you are in the Automotive Industry the chances are you are looking at potential savings across the business.

Recently, we conducted a survey that focused on packaging challenges in the automotive sector. We found that 35% of the respondents did not investigate the impact of packaging in the supply chain, 30% did not have a programme in place to reduce supply chain cost and 74% did not store their packaging offsite.

Based on our survey feedback, we identified key challenges faced as:

  • Managing multiple packaging SKUs
  • Controlling spikes in demand
  • Reducing the time taken to pack products
  • Cutting down on product damage and returns
  • Reducing transportation costs

We’ve put together a whitepaper which outlines how you can tackle these challenges head on.

When you understand the impact of packaging on your supply chain costs, there are typically savings to be made throughout the operation.

You can download the white paper here: