Four packaging alternatives to maximise your warehouse floor

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Bulky packaging wastes space and can slow you down.

If storage in your warehouse is limited and all you see is piles of boxes everywhere perhaps it is time to consider some new packaging solutions.

Below are four alternatives that can help you free up valuable warehouse floor.

Air cushioning

Switching to air cushioning solutions is a great way to reduce your storage requirements. Airbags are supplied flat and can be easily deflated after use. They can also be re-inflated if you wish to use them again!

Not only do they offer superb protection by keeping products in place during transportation, they can also reduce your packing time and can be printed with custom messages for an enhanced customer experience.

Paper cushioning

Paper cushioning solutions such as PadPak® or FillPak® are perfect when it comes to optimising your warehouse floor (one block of paper can replace around three bags of void fill!).

Paper cushioning machines require minimal area to install, and some of them can even be set up to dispense fixed lengths of paper. This helps to cut down on packaging waste and allows you to manage your void fill more economically.

Korrvu® Retention and suspension packaging

This innovative, cost-effective packaging range is a perfect storage solution that delivers the “wow” factor in presentation. Korrvu boxes take less space than standard packing containers and are quick to assemble.


PostalCube® is a new packaging innovation available on the market. Thanks to its cuboid shape multiple postal cubes can be stacked on top of one another making them easier to transport and store.

They can be cut to size to suit various products minimising your waste as well!

If you would like to find out more about different packaging solutions that can help to reduce your storage requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch: