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Overpacking is a common problem that concerns nearly a quarter of parcels customers receive, a recent study reveals.

We have recently conducted our third annual unboxing research and found that 24% of respondents think retailers use too much packaging.

The most opportunity for improvement exists in the Home and Garden industry – 41% of parcels we looked at arrived overpacked. Health and Beauty retailers come second with 30%, and Fashion third with 10%.

Finding the right balance between minimal packaging and adequate transit protection can be difficult. But unlike what we might think, excess packaging does not always guarantee your products will reach their destination intact.

Unnecessary filling material may “inflate” your parcels and cause them to burst in transit if they are not handled carefully. And let’s be honest, your customers won’t be impressed about getting parcels that look ugly…

In fact, our unboxing research found that 29% of respondents believed packaging did not reflect the value of the brand.

Overpacking creates yet another problem… it generates unnecessary waste – a message you certainly don’t want to send to your customers if your business truly takes environmental protection to heart.

So, what can you do to ensure you use just the right amount of packaging and, at the same time, minimise product damage? Simply, take a moment to rethink your packaging!

Do you really need this massive box to ship one tiny item? How much money could you save if you were able to limit the amount of void fill you need?

If you still use packing chips (also known as packing peanuts or loosefill), consider switching to more optimised packaging solutions such as air bags or packing papers. They take less space inside your parcel, look neater and are easier for your customers to dispose of!

The Korrvu packaging range is perfect for shipping fragile and / or expensive products such as cosmetics and electronics. The transparent insert firmly holds your products inside the box, maximining transit protection and ensuring beautiful presentation upon opening!

If your budget allows it, consider packaging automation and let machines determine the best box or amount of filling materials for your products! This short guide will walk you through some of the main options available on the market and their benefits.

But above all, consult a packaging expert who will help you find the best packaging solutions for your needs and budget. At Macfarlane Packaging, we offer a free, no obligation packaging review to help customers make the most of their packaging.

If you would like to book an appointment, simply contact us by filling out this short form and we’ll do the rest for you.

To view the full results of our 2018 unboxing research, visit: https://macfarlanepackaging.com/unboxing-2018

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