Is your packaging operation ready for 2018?

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The past 11 months have gone by so quickly it’s difficult to believe there is less than a week to go until Christmas.

This is the last blog of the year and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers. We hope you’ve found our articles insightful and enjoyed reading our weekly posts. If there is anything in particular you like us to write about next year, please let us know by leaving your comments below.

Before we break up for Christmas, we’ve put together a short summary of the things you can do to ensure your packaging operation runs smoothly in 2018.

Faster packaging line

Quick-to-assemble packaging solutions, such as boxes with a crash-lock base, can increase your packing speed by up to 30%. If you use tape, consider introducing tape dispensers into your packing line – they will make your tape application easier and quicker.

Packaging automation is also something worth looking at as despite the initial investment, it will bring numerous benefits to your business in the long run. Here’s some more information on this subject:

Reduced product damage and returns

Product damage is one of the main challenges many online retailers face. Always ensure your packaging is fit-for-purpose and leave enough space for cushioning. Don’t be tempted to overpack, however, as overfilled parcels may burst in transit causing damage to your products.

Delicate items such as perfumes may look beautiful wrapped in colourful tissue paper but unless you add extra protection, they might get broken on their way to your customers. Packaging solutions such as Korrvu inserts are a better solution for shipping fragile goods.

The transparent insert firmly holds items inside the box, preventing movement in transit and offering smart product presentation upon opening.

Optimised order management

The costs of raising a purchase order are often more than what you see on paper.

Not only do you need to consider the management of orders, invoices, utility and labour costs, you also need to take into account the impact of accumulating purchase orders on your warehouse capabilities.

Multiple purchase orders accumulate increased handling in the warehouse. Goods arrive in several batches on different supplier vehicles – this generates multiple documentation to allow you to put the delivered goods away into racking. (Read more here:

Online packaging management solutions can transform the speed and efficiency of your packaging operation. They provide 24/7 access to your purchasing history and allow you to check the status of all outstanding orders, making re-ordering easier and less time consuming.

Customer Connect is Macfarlane’s solution:

Packaging advice

Our friendly team of packaging experts are always happy to speak to new and existing customers to help them improve their packaging operations. If you have a packaging-related question or would like to book a free, no obligation packaging review, please get in touch:

We wish all our readers Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!