Optimising your packaging operation to meet the growing expectations of online customers

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If you are an internet retailer, you will know that the speed and efficiency of your packaging operation are crucial for getting products to your customers quickly and efficiently.

With the growth of ecommerce, customers’ expectations are increasing too. They expect parcels to arrive undamaged and want hassle-free exchanges and returns.

Meeting the demands of today’s online customers can be difficult. A faster packaging operation increases productivity and can help you deliver the level of service that your customers require.

Below are a few packaging solutions that could optimise your packaging operation.

All-in-one pack designs

Alternative pack designs available on the market, including the innovative Korrvu packaging range can help you to create more output in less time while ensuring superior product protection throughout the entire supply chain.

Korrvu packaging uses a highly-resilient film to firmly hold products inside the box, eliminating the need for additional void filling or wrapping. As the boxes are self-sealing, this also reduces the time-consuming effort of taping the box. As a result, orders are assembled faster and less packing material is required.

Packaging Automation

Have you ever considered switching to an automated packing process?

While some may be concerned about the initial costs associated with equipment and installations, automation comes in many forms from manual tape dispensers to fully automated bagging machinery. Whatever the level of automation, making changes will help to deliver cost savings for your business and ensure that your products reach customers quickly and efficiently.

Branding on the Inside

To ensure your customers get the ‘WOW’ factor when they open your products, you could consider branding on the inside. It is important to convey the same impression of your brand to the customer at every touchpoint, whether they buy in-store or online.

By printing your brand on the inside you are reducing the risks of the parcel being pilfered but are still able to demonstrate your brand values inside the box, delivering an optimum customer experience.

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