A low cost idea to brand your shipments

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Every company likes to advertise, it’s how they communicate their products, values and services.

It’s where we, as customers, get the urge to consume, spend, buy, want and need. Our pupils dilate as we imagine ourselves coveting the latest must have item.

Advertising is an important thing. If it’s done right it can build brands, enforce lifestyles and start trends… But what if your budget won’t stretch to a TV advert, a full page spread in a newspaper or a poster campaign that glows at every bus shelter in Britain? It’s expense stuff and can be daunting for a small and medium enterprise or start-up company.

At Macfarlane, we talk a lot about branded boxes, printing on outer packaging that conveys your business ethos or brand but, what if this isn’t an option for your business either? Never fear, we have another idea for you… printed tape!

Yep, this often overlooked gem of an item offers multiple benefits:

  • It can be printed in any design with any message – you could put your office contact on there, a logo, a message directly to your customers, an overview of your product range, the story of your brand, a happy face…it has endless possibilities.
  • If you are selling a consumable item that sits in stock with your customer and is being picked from their racking in the original shipping box the chances are they are going to place a reorder with you – the box they are picking from has your contact details on the tape. Genius!
  • It helps to deter pilfering from your parcels – it can’t be easily patched with replacement tape, it shows too easily.
  • It stands out from the norm, it makes people look. So whether it’s out with a courier, going through the postal system or sitting on a shelf somewhere, potential customers are noticing your business.
  • It’s cheap and has a low minimum order quantity. You can order as few as 72 rolls to get you started.
  • It’s a great way to start getting creative with your packaging.

Why not contact Macfarlane Packaging today and find out how we can help get your business noticed.

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