Optimising your packaging for contact free deliveries

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With Christmas soon upon us and lockdown restrictions in place, thousands (if not millions) of consumers will be turning to online shopping. This means even more packages will be travelling throughout the supply chain this year, coupled with the need to minimise physical contact wherever possible.

So, how can you optimise your packaging to support contact free deliveries?

Minimise possible contacts inside your pack
Using an efficient, one-bench packing system (with all the packing materials required in one place) will help minimise the number of contacts your packers have with the goods you’re shipping to customers. Plus, if you usually put packing slips, marketing material or separate returns information inside your packaging, it might be worth consolidating them in to just one document or digitising them where possible.

Consider letterboxable or locker-ready packing materials
As for your outer packing materials, you need to use boxes and bags that are easy to deliver. Anything that fits through a letterbox means the end consumer has minimal contact with the person delivering their goods. You could also consider using packaging that will fit in locker drop off and pick up points, which limit any physical contact between courier and customer. This is becoming an increasingly popular option during the pandemic.

Prioritise tamper-resistant materials
In some instances, delivery drivers may need to drop parcels on doorsteps or leave them in safe places to achieve a contact-free drop. To help re-assure your customers their purchases are safe, using tamper resistant packaging is a good idea. For example, crash lock boxes can be designed with security folds that mean goods can’t be accessed without the box obviously being opened.

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