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As we endure another lockdown, many retailers will be working hard to make more of their products available to purchase online.  This works well for easy to ship items but, can become a little more complex with fragile goods like bottles, glassware or crockery.

As well as the customer disappointment of receiving broken items, it will cost money to replace damages and impact your supply of saleable goods.

Shipping fragile items requires packaging that not only offers cushioning but retains its shape throughout the shipment cycle.  This will ensure that even with multiple impacts in transit, the packaging will continue to absorb the shock and prevent your product from breaking.

Using packaging that cannot withstand multiple impacts, for example a filler paper, means that after the first shock, the paper will lose its cushioning as it becomes compressed. This will make your fragile items susceptible to damage if it experiences further impacts.

Packaging with a cushioning memory absorbs the shock and continues to retain its shape, making it resistant to multiple drops, kicks, shakes, rattles and rolls.

Here are some examples of packaging solutions that can help keep your fragile items intact during transit:

Geami WrapPak® is an excellent solution for sending single or multiple fragile items. It’s composed of a tissue lining with a 3D honeycomb outer paper that not only interlocks to secure the wrapping but provides cushioning that retains memory and absorbs multiple shocks. As it’s light and flexible it gives you the ability to mould the paper around irregular shaped items – like handles and spouts on a teapot for example. It allows multiple pieces to be packed into the same box. Lining your box with additional cushioning (with a large bubble wrap or on demand product like New Air I.B. quilt) will provide a very high level of shock protection.

For the shipment of individual items, Korrvu® packaging uses two layers of highly resilient film to suspend items in the box, providing consistent protection even after repeated drops.  A range is also available to ship bottles, either individually or up to three at a time.  A pack specifically designed for the shipment of spirits has been created in partnership with UPS, certifying the safe delivery of your product. Should you experience damage in transit, UPS will pay for the damage claim*.

Inflatable packaging solutions, like Airsac, mould themselves around your items to provide maximum protection and absorb multiple shocks. Made in a variety of sizes to protect wine, champagne, beer, pharmacy bottles, jars and electrical goods these nifty bags could be used to transport so much more – mugs, vases, ornaments, glassware, lamp bases, camera lenses, crystal balls…   Simply inflate them on demand and they are ready to use in seconds.

Flexi-Hex® is a plastic free, biodegradable concertina style honeycomb protector ideal for bottles or items with a similar profile. Simply stretch the honeycomb shroud and slide it over the product you need to protect, then pack into an outer box.

If you need help finding the right packaging for your fragile products, Macfarlane Packaging are here to help. Why not contact us today?

*Subject UPS’s Standard Terms and Conditions and successful account set up process for alcohol shippers.

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