Managing the impacts of Brexit and Covid-19 restrictions to deliver operational cost savings

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As we move forward in 2021, businesses are managing the impact of increased Covid-19 restrictions as well as new Brexit legislations on imports and exports.  Now, more than ever, businesses are looking for new ways to be leaner through efficiency and reduce operational costs.

The impact of Brexit legislation

For exporters managing new customs processes, there is also the complexity of managing the packaging used to physically move their shipments into Europe.

Any shipments on pallets or in packaging containing timber, must now ensure that it meets ISPM standards. This means that the timber must be heat treated to conform to the new Brexit legislations.

This change alone is leading to increased demand for heat treated timber, which is causing issues in the supply chain as kiln services are struggling with capacity to meet this high level of demand.

How you can implement change to deliver cost savings

If you are transporting goods within the UK, Europe or the rest of the world, a packaging review can uncover opportunities to:

  • Reduce your shipment volume size and weight – reducing shipment costs
  • Make your shipments exempt from ISPM standards – removing a Brexit headache
  • Maximise transport space – improving fleet utilisation and reducing your carbon footprint
  • Speed up the packing process – allowing you to do more in less time
  • Reduce issues with manual handling – improving your goods-in and goods-out processes

Whether you are shipping products in individual packages via a courier, or palletised through your own distribution network, there will be opportunities to reduce operational costs through packaging change, increase efficiencies and simplify processes.

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