All you need to know about reporting your packaging waste in 2021

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If your business handled 50 tonnes of packaging or packaging material last year and your turnover exceeded £2 million, you may be required to report your packaging usage.

Companies (or groups of companies) that meet both criteria are considered “obligated packaging producers” and must follow government rules to reduce the amount of packaging and packaging waste they create.

What is classed as handling?  

Your company handles packaging if it owns the packaging on which the activities are performed, supplies packaging or packaging materials or carries out one or more of the activities from the activity list (or contracts to do so on its behalf).

The activities include the production of raw materials and processing them into packaging as well as packing, filling, selling, importing or supplying packaging by hiring it out.

Packaging used internally by the company is not classed as “handling”.

The full list of activities can be viewed here.

I am considered an obliged packaging producer. What happens next?

If you are required to report your packaging waste, don’t panic – you have until the 7th April to register with the environmental regulator. You will also need to demonstrate that you are meeting your recovery and recycling obligations and obtain proof of compliance.

You must submit your certificate of compliance (CoC) by the 31st January 2022.

You are not alone. We are here to help.

Reporting your packaging waste can be daunting but is crucial in understanding your packaging usage and protecting the environment.

If you purchased packaging from us last year, we can provide you with a report for those products electronically, or we can send you a paper copy if you prefer. The information is broken down by purchase month, material composition and weight.

Customers using our etrading platform Simplicit.e can simply log in to their account and generate their own reports at any time. If you do not have an account but would like one, register here.

Visit our etrading page to discover all the benefits Simplicit.e offers, including options to see your order history, review usage figures, track your orders and adjust delivery schedules. All this from your own home or office around the clock.

How we can help you achieve your sustainable development goals

At Macfarlane Packaging, we understand the role packaging plays in reducing material waste and protecting our planet.

Optimised packaging that is the right fit for your products generates less waste, optimises pallet space and reduces the risk of product damage. It also strengthens your brand image by sending increasingly eco-conscious customers an important message – that you care about their concerns for the environment.

During this difficult period of the pandemic, many companies are looking to cut costs while trying to meet their environmental goals. We can help you identify the areas for savings and offer packaging solutions that suit your budget, are environmentally friendly and provide the best product protection.


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