How to pack tins of paint for shipment

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Whilst the UK is in lockdown, many of us are looking at home DIY projects to fill our time.  With lots of stores closed, there is a clamber to purchase paint online but, paint can be a notoriously difficult item to ship through the carrier system.

Here’s our guide to packing paint tins for online ordering and shipping.

Step 1 – Bag up the tin

If your transit packaging does break, it’s important to minimise the spill of paint.  Your courier team won’t be best pleased if a litre of Hawaiian sunset applies itself it the inside of their vehicles or depot.

Place the tin in a sealed plastic bag before packing into the outer pack.  The bag should be securely closed with a bag tie or heat sealed.

Step 2 – Protect the tin sides

Before placing the tin into end caps, wrap the product in some outer protection. You could use bubble wrap or a paper filler like Geami. With current social distancing we recommend a protective packaging system that can be used at individual workstations, so that you don’t have staff congregating around a single machine. Although Geami is typically machine dispensed, you can use the rolls manually at a workstation. The packer can just tear off the amount needed and stretch it by hand before application.

Step 3 – Protect the tin lid and base

End caps should be applied to the lid and base to absorb any impact during transit. Pulp end caps are available to fit a range of tin sizes, from 0.5 to 5 litres. Made from recycled paper, they provide excellent protection and are fully kerbside recyclable.

Step 4 – Put it into the outer transit box

The final step is to put the packed paint into its outer box, which should fit the pack snugly to ensure that the contents do not move around, enabling the end caps and protective filler to do their job and hold the tin in place. A double wall box should be used for strength and to reduce the chances of pack punctures.

Step 5 – Seal the outer pack for shipment

The pack should be securely sealed using a tape that will stay fixed for the entire journey, this ensures that the box will not open whilst in transit. Much stronger than standard packing tape, gummed paper tape would be the best option. Once applied, it creates a “bond” with your box, making the entire parcel stronger and more secure.

Always check your courier’s policy for shipping paint to ensure that it’s not a prohibited item and that your pack meets their criteria.

If you need help or advice on shipping paint tins, our team at Macfarlane are here to help.  Why not contact us today?


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