Four ways to ship glass bottles

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As the last few weeks have driven an increase in online alcohol sales, we thought it a good time to talk about the options available for shipping glass bottles.

Transporting glass can be a logistical nightmare – clanking bottles may sound wonderful at a party (remember those?) but it’s not a good sign when they make that sound through the carrier system.

There are many options available, here’s a guide to just a few:

Flexi-Hex® Wine Bottle Packs

Flexi-Hex® was initially designed by two brothers with the goal of protecting their surf-boards and their local marine environment. It has now been transformed into a plastic-free, biodegradable concertina style honeycomb protector ideal for bottle protection.

The bottle packs arrive flat packed and take up very little warehouse storage space. The kit comprises a protective sleeve which expands into an impact-resistant layer around a bottle and includes a self-sealing pinch top postal box, which adds an extra level of protection.

Check out this drop test video:

[YouTubeVideo code=”eRDEZcSoclA”]

Airsac® Wine and Beer Packs

Airsac®, is an innovative, inflatable packaging solution that’s available to protect wine and beer in transit. Airsac® is made up of just 2% film and 98% air when inflated, it’s also reusable and category 4 LDPE recyclable (check locally).

The multi-chamber design means that even if one inflatable chamber bursts during transit, your bottles remain intact and undamaged.

How Airsac® can be used to protect bottles:

[YouTubeVideo code=”4ePMY6jgl8Y”]

Korrvu® bottle packs

Korrvu® bottle packs hold the product securely in place with strong, highly resilient low-slip film to protect bottles from shock and vibration, they also showcase your product in a way that enhances your customer experience.

Wine Bottle shipper Boxes

Strong, durable bottle boxes are available with “pop up” dividers, this makes the packs quick and easy to assemble and are suitable to ship 6 or 12 bottles of wine.  These are a great option if you are sending out full pallets of bottles.

Macfarlane Packaging carry a full range of bottle packs, suitable for the shipment of single bottles or multiple packs.  Contact us today to find out more about our range.

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