Hands-on ideas to make e-retail returns easy for customers

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The large choice of products and services available online means customers are more picky than ever.

If they struggle to navigate your website or have difficulty checking out, they can simply turn to another retailer, and there are plenty of them to choose from…

Easy returns are one of the things customers look for when shopping online. Recent research by ReBound has found that 92% of respondents consider returns important and 49% very important when making purchasing decisions.

Returns rates are also increasing. 40% of respondents under the age of 35 admitted they return more than they did two years ago and a third expects to return more than 6 items a year according to the ReBound study.

So how can you please your customers without inflating your costs? Below are a few ideas to help you out.

Clear returns instructions on your website
It may sound simple but providing easy to find, detailed information on how to send items back is key. Make sure your returns policy is clearly visible on your website and you keep it accurate and up-to-date.

Many customer lead busy lives so ensure they can find what they need promptly to make their shopping experience more enjoyable. This in turn will encourage them to purchase from you again in the future.

Good communication
Once your customers make a return, it’s good to let them know you received it and provide information on when they are likely to have their refunds. Communication is crucial in building relationships with customers and, when done properly, it can promote customer loyalty.

Return options
Make it easy for customers to return products by offering a range of options. Some customers prefer to return products directly to stores while others like sending them back by post. Consider offering free returns which may encourage customers to choose your brand over the competition.

Returnable packaging
Packaging plays an important role in protecting your products as it minimises the risk of damage in transport and storage.

By using returnable packaging you ensure your products are returned to you safely and in the most suitable packaging (customers don’t need to find alternatives, giving you control over how your products are send back). You will also impress your customers by saving them the hassle of finding another packaging.

Ensure your packaging contains a second seal strip to help customers reclose the package, maximising security on return transportation and exposing any attempts of tampering.

Professional packaging review
Handle your returns as quickly as possible to avoid backlog and minimise your operational costs. A fast, efficient packaging operation will help you achieve just that!

Make sure your staff receive adequate training, can easily access all the packaging materials they need and, if your budget allows it, consider packaging automation (Read more here).

At Macfarlane Packaging, we offer free of charge packaging reviews that will help you identify areas for improvement and find the most optimised and cost-effective solutions to speed up your packaging lines.

We also offer a number of custom-made returnable packaging options to suit different budgets and requirements.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business: https://macfarlanepackaging.com/contact/

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