Five cardboard box alternatives for online order fulfilment

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Many retailers are experiencing “record breaking” orders for their goods online. Some are also managing the difficulties of corrugate shortages driven by the unprecedented demand for boxes.

If you are struggling to source cardboard boxes to fulfil customer orders, fear not! Here are five box alternatives for eCommerce that you may want to consider switching to:

many products are more suitable for one of our box alternatives for E-commerce

Mailing Bags

The advantage of soft mailers is they make it much easier for items to be delivered through your letterbox (provided they were suitably sized in the first place). This avoids the risks involved in leaving parcels on the doorstep, and the inconvenience of reacting to a “While you were out…” notice.

For non-fragile items with no hard corners, like clothing or soft furnishings, mailing bags are a great option. Traditionally available in plastic, there are now 100% paper options available if you are looking to improve the sustainability of your packaging.

Box alternatives for E-commerce offer the same level of protection

Cushioned Envelopes

For more fragile items, or items with rigid corners that could incur damage, use a cushioned envelope. They are available in a variety of linings including bubble wrap or paper fluting, and we can also provide options padded with recycled paper. All of them offer excellent cushioning to protect your products from knocks and drops in transit.

Solid Board Envelopes

For items like books or video games, consider using solid board postal envelopes. The rigid outer provides good product protection.  Envelopes are gusseted to expand to a width of 30mm, making them suitable for use with a variety of items.

Box alternatives for E-commerce even work for 'square' products

Postal wraps

Not quite a box and not an envelope… a postal wrap falls somewhere in between. Cleverly designed, these wraps fit tightly around flat profiled items. They are great for items such as books, board games and jigsaws. And no additional packaging is requires as they close neatly with a self-sealing strip.

Postal tubes

Use postal tubes for longer “odd” shaped items – not just posters! Products such as umbrellas, golf clubs, flask bottles and cooking utensils work well. They come with a plastic end cap to hold your products in place. We recommend closing with tape too if you are shipping heavy items.

If you are looking for box alternatives for eCommerce to meet your product range, contact Macfarlane Packaging today.

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