4 ways to improve brand loyalty through custom packaging

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Each year 95% of new products fail because consumer judge them based on their packaging.

Packaging is an extension of your brand, so the packaging materials you choose to put your products in will represent how you want to come across to customers. Whether you’re a new business or an established one, your packaging can impact consumer perception.

In fact, our 2021 unboxing survey found that following a disappointing unboxing experience, a third said it didn’t encourage them to purchase from the retailer again.

This highlights how important it is to get your packaging right. If you provide the ‘wow’ factor (as well as deliver on essentials like easy-to-open packaging), you will instil trust and over time build brand loyalty.

Why is brand loyalty important?

Marketing Metrics stated that selling to an existing customer is up to 14 times more likely than the probability of selling to a new customer.  Is that a market you really want to miss out on?

Plus, we can’t forget people discovering your brand for the first time. They could could read online reviews and customer feedback before they decide to purchase from you. If it’s negative, you could miss out on their purchase. This is why creating a great impression, consistently, is important.

So, if you want to give your customers the best unboxing experience, drive their brand loyalty and repeat custom, check out these 4 ways to use custom packaging to improve it.

1. Use custom cardboard boxes to make an impact

Our unboxing survey found that 45% of packaging used by retailers was unbranded in 2021. And half of all participants said that their unboxing experience was underwhelming. Adding that ‘wow’ factor could make the difference in gaining a repeat sale.

Branding your packaging allows you to interact with your customer like you would in an actual retail space, allowing them to take the store experience into their home and communicate through it.

Custom printed cardboard boxes are a great way to create a stylish, functional, and on-brand pack that will consistently deliver an excellent unboxing experience that contributes to brand loyalty.

2. Communicate your messages with printed packing tape

If you are looking for an affordable and adaptable branding option, you could explore printed packing tape! With a minimum order quantity of just 72 rolls, it’s a great option to get you started.

It’s a low-cost opportunity to convey key messaging, show your logo, address, website or contact details- there are endless possibilities. You could even do seasonal designs for holiday such as Christmas!

You have a choice of up to 4 colours per design. You can print on both traditional plastic tapes, as well as paper packing tape too.

3. Protect your products and your brand with custom printed protective packaging

Protective packaging is an essential to make sure your goods arrive with customer in pristine condition. No one wants to receive products that are broken.

And your protective packaging doesn’t just have to be functional. You can use it to enhance the in-box customer experience. You can print on air cushioning, paper padding and materials like tissue paper.

You could choose to print recycling instructions or add your logo to deliver a consistent brand experience.

4. Deliver an eco-friendly packaging experience to delight consumers

Our unboxing survey revealed that 19% would not continue to buy from a retailer that didn’t use sustainable packaging. Say you sell 5000 parcels in 2022, but 19% of them would not shop with you again, that is 950 lost customers!

With the rise of eco-conscious consumers, it makes sense to customise you’re packaging to make sure it is sustainable.  You can choose from recycled content packaging materials, plastic alternatives, and reusable packaging options. Plus, many eco-friendly packaging options can be printed with branding or messaging to further add to your experience.

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