How to achieve a 100% marketing open rate with branded packaging

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Marketing plays a vital role for any business wishing to build its brand and reach new customers. So, what is a good open rate?

For emails, an open rate of between 15% – 30% is considered good. This can be increased to around 50% through personalisation of content, like using first names in the subject line and building campaigns around birthdays to drive customer retention.

With such a focus on retention and open rates, it’s amazing how many businesses miss the opportunity of branding their transit packaging. It has an open rate of 100%!

The power of branded packaging

Your branding surrounds customers when they are in store. Signage and imagery convey your values while staff, your brand ambassadors, engage shoppers in conversation. Branded packaging or custom printed packaging can help to replicate this during an at home unboxing experience…

With more and more people shopping online, packaging often represents the first physical touchpoint for many consumers too. Bespoke packaging can help you align and enhance your digital and physical touchpoints in a really positive customer experience.

In our 2021 unboxing survey, half of all participants said that their unboxing experience was underwhelming. Indeed, a third said it did not encourage them to purchase again from the retailer. That’s why it’s so important to add a ‘wow’ factor to your packaging. It can help build an experience that promotes customer loyalty – and repeat orders.

Custom packaging can be tailored to your needs is so many ways. You can print your cardboard boxes and mailing bags on the outside OR choose to leave them plan on the outside for security and print surprise messaging on the inside of your pack! Go colourful, quirky, or pictorial. Branded packaging can tell the story and values of your company or simply thank your customers for their purchase. You may delight them unexpectedly, which goes a long way in building a personalised experience and demonstrates just how much you value their business.

Go digital with your custom packaging

Did you know there are opportunities to go digital with your packaging? Interactive, or connected, packaging can use  QR codes and augmented reality technology to transform the customer experience. It can take them to a webpage, show video content or even bring an image to life.

Using connected custom packaging opens a wealth of new opportunities to communicate with your customers. It can drive them to special offers or introduce them to new products or services. For example, you could drive them to social media engagement or show them hints, tips or user set-up instructions for the product purchased. The possibilities are limitless.

Branded packaging - not just for B2C customers

There is a lot of focus on branded packaging for retail customers but B2B businesses can benefit just as much. Your products are unboxed by people!

Whatever your industry, branded packaging has a lot to offer. It can convey the value of your brand and the authenticity of your products. It can also carry unpacking and assembly instructions for complex products or just show where to reorder.

It’s not just about the branding – but the packaging materials too

Marketing your business isn’t just about messaging, it’s about conveying your brand ethos too.  The right packaging can create a positive impression with customers, so think about the packaging materials and the journey they go on throughout your supply chain…When packing goods for shipment are you using eco-friendly packaging? In our 2022 peak survey of retailers and 3PL partners, 88% of respondents reported that the packaging materials they used during peak Q4 2021 were recyclable.  40% of these also stated that their packaging was sustainable and a further 47% reported that improving their sustainability will be a priority in 2022. Their aim is to do this by introducing sustainable packaging alternatives or reducing CO2 emissions.

Are you using too much or too little packaging? Overpacking goods can alienate customers but so can receiving a damaged product. It is vital that your packaging provides the right amount of protection but with the minimum of application to reduce waste in your supply chain.

Packaging should be easy to open but must also protect the product through the logistics chain. A great choice to improve protection is self-seal packs with a tear strip, which clearly show evidence of tampering.

Finally, what about the end of life for packaging? Your packs should be easy to recycle, with clear labelling about responsible disposal. This is particularly important if customers receive the packaging at home.  If it can’t be easily recycled, then the chances are the pack will go straight into the waste bin rather than a recycling stream.  Click here to learn more about how to recycle packaging.

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