3 ways to manage your packing operation with a reduced fulfilment team

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If maintaining order fulfilment targets is proving tough at the moment, or you’re working with a reduced fulfilment team, here are some ideas to help you reduce the pressure on your operation.

Speed up the packing time

When you use packaging that’s quick to assemble, pack and seal, you can significantly increase the number of packs that you put through per hour.  If you are using boxes that require lots of taping, complex die-cut cartons that are fiddly to assemble or packs that require lots of void fill, there is a quicker way to pack.

There are always lots of opportunities to speed up packing times, as an entry-level here is a short video to demonstrate ways to speed up the sealing process on 3 different box styles.

[YouTubeVideo code=”wPzVkyvY5yc”]

Automate for maximum impact

When you reduce the number of touches to a product or pack, it’s reducing the amount of manual handling and speeding up your operation.

Automation allows you to handle large volumes in less floor space, with better control of costs. You can start small with a strapping or stretch machine, go medium with box erectors and tapers or go large with automated boxing and bagging machines. There is automation to suit every size of business.

Automated packing systems apply packaging consistently so use less material. Installations can pay for themselves in a few months with the savings made on packaging material.

VMI/JIT managed packaging stock

Managing multiple packaging SKUs onsite can be time-consuming – shifting to Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) or JIT (Just In Time) stock can remove a lot of handling and administration. Working with a supplier to manage inventory and deliver stock as it’s required can ensure continuity of supply with invoicing raised on use of stock – this can also be beneficial to your cash flow. JIT stock can also reduce the amount of storage space required on-site, helping to free up more floor space for production.

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