6 reasons to consider printed tape for your business

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Printed tape can be a great addition to your packaging. It’s a low-cost opportunity to brand your packaging and convey your contact details.

Here are 6 reasons to consider printed tape for your business:

  • It can help convey your key brand messaging, show your logo, address, website or contact details. You could get really creative and add an overview of your product range or the story of your brand – there are endless possibilities.
  • It helps to protect your brand, limiting opportunities for counterfeit goods, especially if you are manufacturing or distributing high-value goods or equipment.
  • Applying printed tape ensures that your parcel is tamper-evident, it’s more difficult to replace the damaged tape if you don’t use a generic product.
  • If the product is sitting in a customer’s office or warehouse your contact details will always be on that pack, making it easy for them to reorder.
  • It stands out from the norm, it makes people look. So whether it’s out with a courier, going through the postal system or sitting on a shelf somewhere, potential customers are noticing your business.
  • It’s cheap and has a low minimum order quantity. You can order as few as 72 rolls to get you started.

If you are interested in printed tape for your business, why not contact Macfarlane Packaging today? We have a promotion running until 30th September 2020, offering free artwork origination on 1 and 2 colour print or, 50% discount on artwork origination for 3 and 4 colour print.

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