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Reduce your stretch wrap costs in 1 hour

If you want to wrap more pallets with less stretch film, and reduce your operating costs, our stretch and pallet wrap review is for you. We spend just 1 hour on site auditing your pallet wrap and stretch wrapping equipment, so you can:

Save money

Our stretch wrap audit can save you up to 50% on film costs

Save time

Speed up your pallet wrapping with the right film and machinery

Use less film

Wrap more pallets, with less film – generating significant savings

Lower waste

Less film and increase efficiency equals less plastic waste

Increase stability

A review can help you increase load stability and safety

How our stretch wrap review works

A stretch film review takes less than an hour…

  • We analyse your film performance, load stability & wrapping costs
  • Our experts take the data and use it to make a recommendation
  • We’ll explain the best stretch wrap and equipment for your business
  • You’ll get an illustration of the savings

What’s included in your tailored stretch wrap recommendation?

After our packaging experts have completed the analysis, you’ll be given a tailored stretch wrap recommendation that will help you wrap your pallets more efficiently…

A stretch film recommendation that’s right for your business

Our stretch wrap recommendation will include the type of film, the roll length and width, the micron and the wrapping technique you should use to maximise your load containment.

A wrapping equipment recommendation that suits your operation

Alongside the film we suggest, we’ll recommend the optimal pallet wrapping equipment for your operation. In many cases, this will be a specific pallet wrapping machine.

Download our FREE stretch and pallet wrap guide

Our FREE guide to stretch and pallet wrap will:

  • Explain the different types of stretch films
  • Show you the different applications that can be used
  • Help you understand which is the best stretch film for you
  • Show you Macfarlane’s extensive range of stretch film (including hand applied cast stretch films, stretch film dispensers, handywrap starter kits and more!)
  • Discuss stretch and pallet wrap automation
  • Provide a guide to packaging and recycling
  • Tackle frequently asked questions (FAQS) about stretch and pallet wrap

Explore our stretch products and pallet wrappers

Stretch foil

We can supply a huge range of stretch films, including:

  • Hand-Applied Blown Stretch Wrap
  • Hand-Applied Blown Pre-Stretched Film
  • Hand-Applied Cast Stretch
  • Power Pre-Cast Stretch Film
  • Black Cast Stretch Wrap
  • Machine Pre-Stretch Film
  • Stretch wrap and pallet wrap with 30% recycled content

We can help with all sorts of pallet wrapping machinery and equipment we offer includes:

  • Fully & semi automatic pallet wrappers
  • Horizontal stretch wrapping machines
  • Vertical stretch wrapping machines
  • Rotating arm stretch wrap machines

This video shows one of the most popular pallet wrappers that we offer, the Ecoplat Plus. You can can see more videos of the stretch wrapping machines we can provide on our YouTube channel.

Book a stretch wrap review today

At Macfarlane Packaging we can support you with an extensive range of stretch films from stock, as well as custom sourced stretch wrap and a full range of stretch wrapping equipment and automation. Make sure you get in touch today to find our how we can help…

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