Macfarlane Packaging - Environmental Impact Rating

Macfarlane Packaging launches Environmental Impact Rating

As part of its continued commitment to helping customers make informed choices about the sustainability of their protective packaging product range, Macfarlane Packaging has introduced, for the first time, an Environmental Impact Rating (EIR) for every item it sells in its catalogue.

The UK’s leading protective packaging distributor is responding to customer demand for clear identification of the environmental credentials of protective packaging and Macfarlane’s new guide gives each product a symbol indicating the recycled content, reusability and recyclability of the item. The easy to read rating will enable customers to assess the environmental suitability of products at a glance.

Macfarlane has also outlined in its catalogue its “Steps to Sustainability” initiative that helps customers to achieve their sustainability goals by identifying sustainable packaging alternatives and optimise packaging processes that have an impact on the environment.

Commenting on the launch of the new environmental rating:

Laurel Granville, Marketing Director at Macfarlane Packaging, said: “We know that our customers want to reduce the impact that their packaging has on the environment with many aiming to reduce the amount of packaging used and minimise waste while ensuring that their products remain adequately protected.

The Environmental Impact Rating will make it easy for our customers to understand which products are widely recycled, which can be re-used and the recycled content contained in each product. This visibility will allow our customers to make an informed choice about the packaging they will use.”

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