Macfarlane Group releases 2022 ESG report

Macfarlane Group, the leading supplier of protective packaging, has published its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report for 2022 in which it reveals:

  • an 11%* absolute reduction in Macfarlane’s carbon footprint and a 33% reduction in carbon sales intensity since 2019
  • the first fully electric vehicle has been introduced to Macfarlane’s commercial delivery fleet
  • nearly 90% of the Group’s electricity now comes from renewable sources
  • an increase in the diversity of the Board with two of the six directors female
  • an improvement in the Group’s packaging portfolio with almost 90% of products sold being recyclable
  • support for customers with the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax – 6,500 customers have so far transitioned away from 0% recycled content plastic packaging to products with at least 30% recycled content
  • the Group has launched its first strategic charity partnership with animal welfare charity, Blue Cross, and introduced a yearly paid volunteer day for all colleagues


Commenting on the results of the report, David Patton, Macfarlane Group’s Head of Sustainability, who joined the company from Zero Waste Scotland, said:

“Macfarlane Group is sharply focused on limiting its impact on the environment, with particular emphasis on lowering carbon emissions and conserving natural resources.


“We want to build a more sustainable and fair future for our customers, our colleagues and our planet, as well as invest in the communities we serve. As our Group’s sustainability strategy moves forward, we will continue to not only reduce our environmental impact, but to work with customers to help them reduce waste and emissions.”


Peter Atkinson, CEO of Macfarlane Group, added:

“Macfarlane Group recognises, through its approach to ESG, that we have a broad responsibility to all the key stakeholders in our business. Our ESG Report for 2022 highlights the good progress we have made across a range of areas.”




*9% / 628 tonnes of this reduction was due to the sale of Macfarlane Labels Limited and its subsidiaries (‘Labels’) on 31 December 2021.