Two quick wins to reduce the amount of plastic in your packaging

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If you’ve just completed your waste packaging report or reviewed your packaging use for 2019, you may be pondering ways to reduce the volume of plastic packaging that has been used.

We have two “quick win” areas that typically result in an overall reduction of plastic material.

Quick win one – Review the amount of stretch wrap you use

If you use stretch wrap, this is a great product to start targeting your reduction.

Low micron performance machine applied film can offer the same load containment as a higher micron stretch but with fewer wraps, significantly reducing the weight of film used to wrap each pallet.

R Connect software is also available for Robopac systems to ensure that the machine is optimised to wrap using the minimum material. It sends an alert if a machine has been set to run below optimisation, ensuring material control at all levels.

If you are using hand pallet wrap to wrap 15 or more pallets per day, then it could be time to consider switching to a machine. Stretch wrap automation ensures that the wrap is stretched to capacity before application, this reduces the amount of material used per wrap of each pallet.

As well as the environmental benefit it also delivers cost savings – you’re using less material.

Professional analysis can help find the right material to maintain load stability by analysing your pallet profiles, weights and wrapping machines.

A pallet wrap analysis is quick, easy and causes minimal disruption to your packing operation.

Quick win Two – Can you replace your plastic-based tape with paper tape?

Switching to a gummed paper tape is a great way to demonstrate your environmental credentials as it can be recycled along with corrugate board without having to be removed.

As it forms a strong seal, you can use less material too as it negates the need to H tape boxes. If you use an automated dispenser, you use even less material as it dispenses pre-programmed lengths to ensure the operator only uses what’s needed.

So not only are you removing plastic tape from your operation, but the chances are you’re also using less of it too.

If you are interested in reducing the amount of plastic packaging used in your business or, switching to more eco-friendly products, then contact our team at Macfarlane Packaging today to find out how we can help.