Three considerations to help plan for peak season

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Many eCommerce businesses have been caught up in the “COVID” months, reacting quickly to sudden spikes in demand which were almost impossible to predict and forecast. Believe it not, Christmas is looming just around the next retail corner… If you haven’t got a plan in place yet, it’s time to dust yourself down and get planning for another period of high demand.

Advanced planning is the key to success. Here are a few short-term solutions to help your business prepare for the coming months.

Make sure your team are trained

Relevant, comprehensive staff training helps to ensure your packaging operation runs smoothly, especially during spikes in demand.

Consider creating guides and posters for your packers to remind them of your processes, to help guarantee that all your products are packed to the same high standard.

A simple shadow board system can help them to identify the right size box for the product they are packing, minimising the amount of packaging used and potentially reducing carrier costs.

Review your pick and pack area

Organise your picking area to give your team easy access to stock and reduce pick times. Temporary pick bins help create a more efficient area and can accommodate new or increased SKUs.

Check the packing area to ensure that workbenches contain everything needed to pack and that all packaging materials are to hand. Valuable time can be lost if packers have to zig zag through the warehouse for the supplies they need.

Review your packaging pack sizing. Larger rolls (of bubble wrap for example) last longer, therefore requiring fewer roll changes and reducing the amount of restocking needed at the packing bench.

Is there a faster way to pack?

Consider the time taken to pack your products, could there be a quicker way?

Gummed paper tape (also known as water-activated tape) can be cut to length automatically with the use of an appropriate dispenser, allowing your staff to seal more boxes in less time.

Boxes with a crash-lock base and self-seal strip are fast and simple to assemble, significantly speeding up your packing time.

At Macfarlane Packaging, our packaging experts are close at hand to help you ensure your packaging operation is always ready for demand fluctuations.

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