Speed up packing with these tips to meet increased order demand

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As eager Christmas shoppers order online early to make sure must have gifts are still in stock, many retailers are experiencing spikes in orders way beyond forecasted demand. 

Whilst this is great for business, it can be a logistical headache ensuring business operations can move quickly enough to fulfil these unprecedented increases.

Here are three simple packaging tips that can instantly speed up packing times and increase throughput in your operation.

Speed up packing with crash lock boxes

Re-think the box

Are you using 0201 shipper cartons or complex die-cut cartons? If so, you could be spending more time taping the box together than filling it. There is a huge amount of scope to speed up the packing time.

If you are shipping books, games, jigsaws or other solid, flat items, it’s time to look at postal wraps. These are super quick to pack and have a self-seal strip, so your parcel is ready to ship in seconds.

For other items, switch to a crash-lock base box that “pops” into shape ready for packing. This removes the need to tape the base. A self-seal option also removes the need to manually tape the top. You can pack out orders in a fraction of the time taken when using a standard shipper carton.

There are lots of box designs out there to reduce your packing time. Don’t just soldier on with an option that is slow pack.

Speed up packing and protection with Geami

Wrap to a new rhythm

If you are spending lots of time wrapping fragile products in protective packaging, or manually filling voids, there will be an opportunity to speed up the process.

For example, bubble wrap is an effective but time consuming solution. An alternative like Geami allows you to tear the material off the roll and wrap the product in one movement. It’s quicker, and the protection is just as good.

There are also some clever solutions for void fill. A low-cost investment in a hopper allows air bags to be inflated in advance. This ensures a constant supply of void-fill next to the packing bench. Now your operator can focus on packing product quickly, not waiting for bags to inflate for each pack.

There are lots of automated void-fill and protective packaging dispensers on the market. One of them will be the right solution to speed up your packing time.

Step away from the tape gun

If you are using a manual tape gun dispenser and polypropylene/PVC tape, there really is a much quicker way to seal boxes.

Water activated paper tape, used with a digital or manual dispenser, revolutionises the way that tape is applied to parcels.

It dispenses tape to pre-programmed lengths, so the tape is ready to apply straight to the pack. As it forms such a strong bond with the box you don’t need to apply so much tape either, reducing the overall packaging cost.

Water actived paper tape is also 100% recyclable, so it’s a great way to remove miles of plastic from your packaging.

If you would like to investigate more packaging options which can speed up your packing times and help you meet increased demand, contact Macfarlane Packaging today. We’re on hand to help!

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