Short-term solutions to get your packaging operation ready for peak

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Black Friday and pre-Christmas season may seem distant, but in reality you only have three months to ensure your business is well-prepared for increased demand.

Advanced planning is the key to success, therefore don’t leave your preparations until the last minute – you may regret it later.

Below are a few short-term solutions to help your business prepare for the busy period ahead.

Train your staff

Relevant, comprehensive staff training is essential to ensure your packaging operation runs smoothly, especially during increased demand.

Consider creating guides and posters for your packers to remind them of your processes, as this will help guarantee that all your products are packed to the same high standard.

Rethink your packing benches

Organise your pack stations to give your packers easy access to all packing materials they need. Packaging solutions such as temporary pick bins help create a more efficient pick and pack area, reducing pick times, maximising space and providing additional storage.

Review your packaging. A wider packing tape offers better coverage, so you don’t need to go around the box twice to seal it. Larger rolls (of bubble wrap for example) last longer, therefore require fewer replacements.

Consider semi-automated solutions

Gummed paper tape (also known as water-activated tape) can be cut to length automatically with the use of appropriate dispenser, allowing your staff to seal more boxes in less time.

Boxes with a crash-lock base and self-seal strip are fast and simple to assemble, significantly speeding up your packaging lines.

Change your production method

You can reduce your stock holding and avoid stock perishing by switching to just-in-time (JIT) production. Your products will be delivered exactly when you need them, accommodating for sudden changes in demand.

At Macfarlane Packaging, our packaging experts are close at hand to help you ensure your packaging operation is always ready for demand fluctuations.

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