Review your packaging, save on transport costs

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Have you ever received an item that arrived in packaging far too big for its contents? You are not alone.

Last year, we ordered 119 parcels online to assess the packaging they came in. We found that 30% arrived in an outer pack that did not fit the item inside.

At first glance, the connection between oversized parcels and transport costs may not be obvious however, if you consider all those failed delivery attempts and the associated courier charges, it will become a lot clearer.

Bulky parcels take up more space on your pallets, adding to your fuel costs and, let’s face it – they do not offer the best customer experience.

Reducing the size of your packages will help you transport more boxes in one go and you will also save on void fill and storage costs. Below are a few packaging ideas to start you off.

Pallet boxes
Pallet boxes are perfect for shipping heavy items and can be stacked high, ensuring you make the most of your pallet space. They are delivered flat packed and you can easily collapse them for storage after use.

Crash-lock boxes
These innovative boxes do not require taping and are very easy to assemble, increasing your packing speed. They take less space in your delivery vehicles than standard cardboard boxes and will also help you save on packaging supplies (as less in-fill material is required).

Paper cushioning
Paper cushioning solutions will not only help you protect fragile items in transit but are also great for reducing the amount of void-fill required. They significantly improve your wrapping speed and offer an improved in-box presentation of your products.

Packaging automation
Automating your packaging operation is another great way to better optimise your pallet space.

Automated machines measure the height of the items inside the box and adjust the box size to offer the best fit for your products. You will benefit from increased output while saving on labour and expensive returns.

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