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Product damage and returns are one of the main hidden costs in your packaging operation. Not only do they generate costs associated with replacing broken items they furtively damage your brand reputation and customer trust.

Last year we put internet retailers to the test and conducted our own unboxing research. We ordered 119 items from different online sellers and looked at the packaging they came in.

We found that 15% of parcels arrived dented, 8% were crushed, 8% were ripped and, more alarmingly, 4% appeared to have been tampered with during transit.

In the digital world we live in, customers often choose social media and other review platforms to express their opinion. Negative feedback can spread quickly, so it is crucial you provide the best service every time.

Ensure your parcels arrive in their prime condition by following a few suggestions below.

1. Never overpack
Using too much packaging can be as bad as insufficient cushioning. Overfilled parcels can easily burst in transit, not to mention added transport costs for shipping extra grams.

Loosefill alternatives such as Geami can help you reduce the amount of void fill needed to protect your goods in transit, while offering an enjoyable unboxing experience for your customers.

Evaluating your existing box sizes will help you better cater for the needs of individual products in your range.

2. Use packaging that is suitable for its job
Think about your product’s destination, storage and the conditions it’s going to travel in.

Some packaging tape can perform differently in colder temperatures, leaving your parcel vulnerable to damage and pilfering.

If you are looking for a smarter, more secure way to tape your boxes, gummed paper tape is a perfect solution. Once applied, it creates a firm “bond” with your box, making the entire parcel stronger, reducing the likelihood of product damage and associated returns.

3. Consider new packaging solutions
If your current packaging does not offer the level of protection your products require, maybe it’s time to look for alternatives.

Packaging solutions with an in-built void fill such as the Korrvu retention and suspension range are perfect for shipping fragile and expensive items, including electronics. The Korrvu insert firmly secures products inside the box, offering optimum product protection in transit.

Inflatable packaging systems such as Airsac will help ensure that easily breakable products such as wine and beer bottles, mobiles and pharmaceuticals reach their destination intact. It is 100% reusable and recyclable and is easy to inflate with use of compressed air.

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