Reducing your business costs – what you could do differently in 2019?

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We know that businesses are always looking to reduce costs and at Macfarlane Packaging we help customers achieve this all the time.

Throughout the year, we’ve created a series of blog articles focusing on areas to review for potential savings, so we thought we’d give you some food for thought for 2019 projects with a summary of our top tips.

Review your stretch wrap costs – An area where we have a lot of customer cost reduction success is on stretch wrap reviews. There are some high spec, low micron films available that can reduce your costs without compromising load containment.

Many buyers are stuck in the rut of reviewing price-per-roll when, in reality, a price comparison in weight-per-wrap can throw up significant savings. Read our Blog Reduce stretch wrap usage and minimise costs.

Reduce your labour costs – Labour shortage can affect many retailers and manufacturers, especially at busy times such as Christmas. One of our blogs Do you have enough labour in the warehouse? shares some ideas to help reduce workload while improving productivity and maximising storage space.

Reduce your transport costs – It costs good money to ship air…reviewing your packaging can help increase pallet yield, reduce your transportation costs and your carbon footprint. Take a look at our blog How to slash your transportation costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Reduce your operation costs – Packaging automation can help reduce costs and improve performance in many areas of your business, from transport and storage to product replacement and customer experience. Read our blog Reduce operational costs with packaging automation to find out more.

Reduce your damage and return costs – Customers are not always happy with their purchases and may wish to return damaged or unwanted products. In our experience, we still meet a lot of businesses who focus on the actual cost of the packaging without taking into account the value of damages and returns.

Our Blog How to ensure products are delivered safely this Christmas talks about ways to minimise costs associated with damages and returns while offering insights into enhancing customer experience with your brand.

Macfarlane Packaging offers free of charge packaging reviews with lots of innovative ideas and products to help you save money. Why not call us today to arrange a consultation that could help save your business money in 2019?

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