Reduce operational costs with packaging automation

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The speed and efficiency of your packaging operation can determine how fast you are able to dispatch products to your customers.

This is especially important in times of increased demand, as additional work volume can put a strain on both your resources and capabilities if you don’t plan or prepared for it in advance.

Packaging automation is one of the solutions that can help you ensure customers receive their orders when promised and it also has many other benefits to offer.

Here are some of the advantages of packaging automation:

Reduced storage costs

Automating your packaging operation can help optimise your warehouse floor. As most of your packing is done automatically, you won’t need as many packing benches and will be able to reduce the amount of packaging material stored in your warehouse.

If you use bubble wrap, for example, an automated cushioning machine will inflate it on demand for you, meaning you no longer need to store bulky rolls of bubble. The machine can also be set to dispense a set length of material, which helps reduce packaging waste and prevents box overfill.

Improved productivity

Thanks to automation, time-consuming activities such as packing, lidding, sealing and labelling are all done for you, ensuring you can fulfil more orders in less time. This means you could save on your labour costs too as fewer staff are required to oversee the process and could concentrate on other, potentially more strategic, tasks for your business.

Reduced transport costs

Automation helps ensure your packages are optimised for transport. This is because you only use as much packaging material as it is necessary to pack each order, therefore your parcels tend to be smaller, allowing for better pallet utilisation. You will also need fewer vehicle journeys to ship the same volume of goods, which is great for the environment.

Reduced damages & returns

Optimised, fit-for-purpose packages offer better product protection in transit, significantly reducing the possibility of damage. Find out how packaging automation has helped Lakeland to improve their packaging operation – Read more here.

Better customer experience

Smart-looking, damage-free packages help keep customers happy. Packing products such as boxes, air bags, tape and shrink wrap can be custom printed to further enhance customer experience with your brand. Visit our custom packaging page for more information.

At Macfarlane Packaging, we can help you choose and implement the best packaging automation option for your business based on your budget and requirements.

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