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Online shopping has many advantages – it is convenient, fast and usually offers a wider selection of products to what is available in stores.

So, it’s not a surprise that UK customers are buying online more than ever before.

Recent statistics from the British Retail Consortium have revealed that internet sales of non-food products in the UK increased from 11.6% in December 2012 to an impressive 24.1% in December 2017.

It was estimated that UK customers would spend a remarkable £16.2 billion on online fashion purchases alone last year, according to Mintel’s Online Fashion UK 2017 Report, and another study predicts that an increasing number of beauty and homeware purchases will also be made online in the coming years.

Online shopping offers a great range of delivery options, including standard and next day deliveries as well as Click and Collect from stores or designated collection points. This helps customers select the most optimised delivery / pickup time for their needs, reducing the likelihood of missed deliveries.

With the growth of eCommerce, the role of packaging is changing. Product protection remains key but other aspects such as customer experience and fast delivery are becoming increasingly important too.

Below are a few suggestions to help you ensure your packaging is well prepared for the increase in online sales:

Crash-lock base
Boxes with a crash-lock base are easy to put together, allowing you to pack more items in less time. They are supplied flat for optimised storage and are easy to dismantle after use.

You can speed up your packing process even further by incorporating a self-sealing strip to the lid of your box, which will also have a positive impact on the appearance of your parcels (no ugly tape is required).

Easy opening
Ensure your parcels are easy to open by adding a tear strip to your packaging. Nobody likes to battle with difficult packaging, especially if it leads to an injury.

Also, use the right amount of packaging and cushioning material – even the most luxurious box will not quite deliver the WOW factor your products deserve if it’s filled with excess packaging or is five times the size of the item inside! It doesn’t look great and leaves your customers with excess packaging to get rid of.

Korrvu inserts
Packaging solutions such as transparent Korrvu inserts, tightly secure products inside your box, preventing them from moving around and reducing the likelihood of damage in transit.

They also ensure your items are beautifully-presented to customers upon parcel opening, increasing the customer experience with your products and brand.

Postal wraps, mailers and other solutions
There is more to eCommerce packaging than just boxes.

Self-sealing, bubble-lined mailers are perfect for sending items such as CDs, DVDs and accessories. Choose the size which offers the best fit for your items, as this will maximise their protection in transit.

If you ship books, games or calendars, postal wraps can be an ideal solution for you. They are available in a range of sizes and depths to cater for different products and often come with a seal-seal strip to ensure smart presentation.

At Macfarlane Packaging, we can help you find the best and most cost-effective packaging solution for your products, depending on your needs.

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