How to ensure products are delivered safely this Christmas

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If you do your Christmas shopping online, you know how frustrating it is when orders arrive late, damaged or disappear without a trace. Your customers feel the same way!

A study from a watchdog Which? revealed that only 35% of customers received their deliveries as expected between November and December in 2017, and 21% admitted at least one of their orders didn’t arrive at all.

Undelivered or broken products can generate additional costs for retailers, including any labour, administration and logistics resources needed to replace them. But they can cause even more long-term damage, affecting customer trust and your good reputation.

Over a quarter of customers (28%) in a study by Ombudsman Services said they spent less or bought from another company after receiving a poor customer experience. Another research has revealed that 84% of people believe online reviews as much as personal recommendations, showing how important online feedback is.

If you struggle with an increased number of orders during peak demand, below are some ideas to help you ensure your products arrive safe with customers this Christmas:

1. Use the right type of packaging – Cushioning solutions, such as packing papers and air bags, are a great alternative to more traditional bubble wrap and packing chips. They can be dispensed on demand to take as little space in your warehouse as possible, and provide better product protection during transit. They also help ensure your packages look neater and are easier to reuse or / and recycle.

2. Ensure your packaging can be used for returns – Sometimes products do arrive damaged, but you can help to alleviate any initial frustration by offering packaging that is easy to return. This will save your customer the trouble of finding alternative packaging to return items and ensure your products are returned to you in the most-suitable packaging. Solutions with an extra self-seal strip, for example, allow your packaging to be resealed with strong adhesive, preventing parcels from opening in transit.

3. Prevent parcel tampering – Tamper-evident and custom printed tapes are a perfect solution to protect your parcels against tampering. Once removed from your box, they cannot be easily re-apply without noticing, making it clear if someone tried to open your parcels before they reached your customers.

Custom printed tapes are also a great, cost-effective way to make your parcels look a bit more festive this Christmas! They can be printed with any message and design to elevate the appearance of your parcels and enhance customer experience on delivery!

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