Putting an end to difficult-to-open packaging

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Have you ever received a parcel that was difficult to open?

The increased levels of anger resulting from the inability to open packaging is commonly known as ‘Wrap Rage’.

If you are a retailer, this could have a damaging impact on your business, as unhappy customers are likely to turn to your competitors due to bad experience with your brand.

And their frustration will only increase if they accidentally damage the contents or injure themselves battling difficult packaging! (How often do you use scissors or other sharp items to open your parcels?)

Solutions such as boxes with a built-in tear strip, will help you put an end to hard-to-open packaging, while enhancing protection and appearance of your parcels!

All your customers need to do to open your parcel is to pull away the strip and lift the flap – simple, fast and hassle-free!

There is also a great tamper-evidence benefit. The tear strip cannot be re-applied after being removed, making it clear if someone attempted to open your parcel on the way to the customer.

You may also want to consider adding a peel and seal strip to the flap of your boxes for easy sealing and reduced material costs. As you will no longer need packing tape, your parcels will look smarter, helping to make good first impressions with your customers!

And what if you use mailing bags? No problem, you can add easy-to-open and close strips to them too!

Including an extra seal strip inside your bag will make returns easier for your customers – a perfect solution for retailers who want to go the extra mile to improve customer experience with their brands!

Here at Macfarlane Packaging, we can help you transform potential ‘wrap rage’ into a memorable unboxing experience by designing packaging that is beautiful, practical and easy to open!

Contact us today to discuss your requirements. We offer a free, no obligation packaging review!

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