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Customer experience is at the heart of many businesses and the growing popularity of the unboxing trend opens a whole new spectrum of challenges but also opportunities for online retailers!

There are over 60 million unboxing videos available on YouTube in which the vloggers (i.e. video bloggers) assess various products and the packaging they arrived in. Some of those videos have over a million of views!

We published our first unboxing research last year and found there was significant room for improvement from online retailers when it comes to the packaging they use. This year, we have opened our unboxing survey to the UK shoppers to see what they thought of their opening experience.

The results have revealed some significant developments in the use of packaging by online retailers, however, customer experience is one of the areas where there are still lessons to be learned.

Although more retailers are now branding their packaging than previously, only 35% of respondents found the packaging ‘consistent’ with retailer’s brand image and only 12% were truly delighted with their packages.

Below are a few ideas to help you keep your branding consistent and impress your customers with packaging that reflects the value of your products and brand.

Better quality packaging – Let’s be honest, even the most luxurious product will not deliver that desired WOW factor if it arrives in a boring, brown box. Almost 50% of respondents in a recent study by Sealed Air thought packaging reflected the value of the product inside; 66% believed packaging showed how much retailers really cared about their customers and the online shopping experience. *

Show your customers you do care by switching to packaging that truly reflects the value of your products and your brand.

Even a small change can go a long way – Making changes to your existing packaging lines may not suit all budgets, especially in the final quarter of the year.

Adding tissue or shredded paper inside your package, or customising your packing tape with your company name and logo are simple but effective ways to impress your customers. And if you are using air cushions to protect your products in transit, they can be branded too for that enhanced unboxing experience!

Don’t be afraid to try something new – If your existing packaging does not deliver, don’t be afraid to try something new. There are a number of novel packaging solutions on the market, including ‘Bubble Wrap IB Expressions’, Airsac inflatable packaging and Geami that are perfect for combining product protection with an elevated brand experience.

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