Paper alternatives to plastic packaging

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Packaging products, such as bubble wrap and air bags, are well-known for their excellent cushioning properties, but if your business is committed to reducing plastics, you might be interested to hear about some paper alternatives

Paper is a great impact-absorbing material that can be used to wrap objects, cushion the top and bottom of packages and fill empty spaces inside the box to ensure your products are well-protected on the way to customers.

It is sustainable, 100% recyclable and ideal for protecting irregularly-shaped items, as it can be wrapped around their edges to prevent damage. It doesn’t take up much space in your warehouse either, as most paper is supplied flat to help maximise your storage space.

Some paper-based solutions, such as the innovative WrapPak Waved Paper Pads, also have thermal properties and can be used to ship ambient, chilled and frozen products such as meats, pizzas, pet food, medicines and chocolates!

Consider buying or renting an automated machine if your budget allows it. They can be set up to release fixed lengths of paper, helping limit the amount of packaging waste and reduce your material costs (the machine will help you manage voidfill more economically, meaning you will need less material to pack each parcel. And this is great news for the environment too!).

If you prefer air bags for cushioning, there are some innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions out there, such as the cutting-edge biofilm. It is made from natural materials, is 100% biodegradable and home compostable to EN 13432 standards. The film is supplied flat on a roll, allowing you to inflate your air bags as and when you need them.

Macfarlane Packaging can offer a wide range of environmentally-friendly packaging solutions, whether you are looking for paper alternatives, reusable solutions or ways to reduce your packaging waste.

For more information, visit our Sustainable Packaging page or contact us today to speak with one of our packaging experts.

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