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Ordering goods online is the most convenient way to shop and opens consumers up to a world of different options and prices.

Within the UK eCommerce turnover has grown steadily reaching £137.38 billion, which is a 14.2% increase compared to last year.

For an eCommerce business, ensuring that customers are satisfied with the goods you deliver is crucial. In this blog, we run through the various steps online retailers need to take to ensure their packaging delivers not only by protecting goods, but also appealing to customers aesthetically.

Product packaging – Think of it like a ‘shop front’

The packaging which houses your products is your ‘shopfront’. Just as you would invest in an attractive storefront and store design, the packaging for your goods should be carefully considered and designed with the customer in mind.

Branded packaging

Online customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to where they purchase their goods. The way the product is presented is fundamentally important for retailers trying to increase brand awareness and promote customer loyalty.

Using custom packaging solutions, retailers can create memorable moments for customers. The use of logos and materials are crucial design features and if done right, can further enhance the overall customer experience.

If you are a start-up online business daunted by the idea of investing in branded packaging, good entry-level products are custom packaging tape and labels. For a relatively small investment, you can apply brand messaging to your packs.

Protection – Does your packaging prevent product damage?

In the lead up to Christmas, consumers will be purchasing gifts for friends and family. If goods are damaged in transit due to poor protective packaging, it can be extremely disappointing.

Goods purchased online pass through a few stages, from picking and packing through to dispatch and transit. So, choosing the right packaging solution is key! Especially when shipping goods that are of a higher value or fragile.

A good example of a suitable packaging solution is eCommerce transit boxes. These boxes come with folded flaps for quick sealing and incorporate a crash lock base which is quick to erect and fast to pack, allowing you to get more orders out the door without compromising on product protection.

For an added level of protection, you could add Korrvu inserts. These inserts use a strong low-slip film which ensures your goods hold centre place inside the box and reduces the risk of damage during transit.

If you’re in the business of shipping bottles, you will be preparing for a busy time over the next few months. An environmentally friendly solution to reduce damages and returns of bottle gifts is Flexi-Hex®.

Flexi-Hex® is a plastic-free honeycomb protector ideal for bottle protection. The Flexi-Hex® kit includes a protective sleeve which expands into an impact-resistant layer around a bottle and a self-sealing pinch top postal box, which adds further protection.

The right packaging solution will not only help you minimise damages and returns it will also increase the overall productivity of your business and have a positive impact on customer experience.

If you need help finding the right packaging solutions that both protect your products and enhance customer experience, contact Macfarlane Packaging today.

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