How to minimise product damage in seasonal demand spikes

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Retailers may experience extra pressures on resources and packing capabilities during increased demand periods such as summer and the pre-Christmas season.

Our peak demand survey of 506 businesses revealed that 23% of respondents expected to see more damages and returns at busy times than usual.

Replacing broken items can be costly, but there is something even more important at stake – your brand reputation!

You may not have full control over how your parcel is handled in transportation and storage, but there are a couple of things you can do to minimise the possibility of product damage on its way to the customer.

Assess your packaging

This may sound simple but ensure you use the right type and amount of packaging for your products. 30% of the parcels that we received for our unboxing research last year were not suitable for their contents. As many as 41% arrived overpacked and 19% didn’t have sufficient packaging.

If you ship fragile or expensive items, you may be tempted to add additional void fill, but remember never overfill your package. Bulky parcels can burst in transit damaging your products despite your attempts to keep them safe.

Try new solutions

Paper cushioning such as Geami or air packaging such as Airsac and Sealed Air I.B. Expressions are great alternatives to packing chips and traditional bubble wrap. Not only do they offer an enhanced product protection in transit, they also help to ensure your parcels look neat and tidy when they arrive with your customers.

Review your stretch wrap

The volume and kind of stretch wrap you use can affect how secure your shipments are. If your film is too low micron, you may have a pallet spill that could damage the contents, whereas too tight wrap could crush the goods on the pallet.

Packaging innovations such as a low micron machine stretch wrap can ensure load stability with fewer wraps around the pallet, keeping your costs down and your shipments protected.

Macfarlane Packaging can help you minimise product damage by suggesting packaging solutions that are best for your products. Contact us today to speak with one of our packaging experts or to arrange a free packaging review: