A typical day at the Innovation Lab

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Based in Milton Keynes, the Macfarlane Packaging Innovation Lab is a state-of-the-art design facility which includes workshop space, meeting room and a production and test facility. This cutting-edge facility offers a dynamic and engaging experience where customers can explore creative packaging solutions.

At the Innovation Lab – customers have an opportunity to test different packaging solutions and explore new packing processes, all in one location. Providing a quick resolution to their packaging issues.

By optimising packaging and the packing operation, the team at the Innovation Lab aim to help customers find sustainable packaging solutions that can reduce their packaging costs, reduce storage space and transport costs, increase packaging efficiency, reduce damages  And of course, improve the end-user customer experience too.

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So, what should a guest expect from a typical day at the Innovation Lab?

The overall aim of the day is to fully understand the total cost of their packaging process and design packaging solutions that can address their packaging needs.

The customer experience starts on arrival. Our team of packaging experts work closely with them to create bespoke and cost-effective solutions even for the most complex packaging challenges.

Interactive touchscreen technology allows a hands-on approach to evaluate packaging problems and suggests the best solutions available, drawing on existing case studies analysis. Clients can share and discuss their ideas with our team in an informal, creative and relaxed environment.

Macfarlane Innovation Lab

Then, the magic happens… we bring those ideas to life with our cutting-edge design facilities and on the spot prototype production equipment. Engaged in the design process, customers have an opportunity to see possible solutions on the day using the latest 3D software.  We can even create a packaging sample there and then to take away.

Our suite of packing benches, packaging automation systems and consumables also allows guests to try their samples in a practical setting, exploring new packing processes that could speed up their operation.

The relaxed, creative (and fun) environment aims to explore solutions that we are confident will help our customers save time and money by providing a bespoke solution to their packaging challenges faster than ever before.

To find out more about our Innovation Lab call us on 0800 288 8444 or visit: