How to reduce costs when storing corrosive products

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For every car, aeroplane, electronic system or piece of machinery made this year, a complete portfolio of replacement parts are also manufactured to ensure availability for maintenance throughout the life-cycle of the product – up to 15 years or longer.

If you think about the volume of products involved within that chain, the numbers become mind-boggling.

A major headache for the manufacturers and distributors engaged in that supply chain is how to ensure that the parts are in pristine condition when they are needed – often years down the line. These parts are typically highly corrosive and susceptible to damage.

Storage of corrosive parts can be process heavy. There will be lots of steps to ensure that these high value components will be fit to use when they are called upon to kick into action.

Many of the parts undergo conservation before packing and being placed into a controlled warehouse environment for a long period of time. The components undergo regular inventory checks for quality purposes and, typically, are refurbished and repacked before distribution to the end user.

Some parts are dipped in oil throughout storage – these then need to be cleaned off before repacking.

All of these steps and processes require intensive labour and incur high costs, they add to the production cycle and can be a drain on resources.

If your business is engaged in the manufacturing and/or storage of corrosive products, there is an opportunity to significantly reduce costs – increasing your competitive edge and delivering operational efficiency.

INTERCEPT TechnologyTM provides corrosion protection even under extreme conditions (-35C up to +80C), guaranteeing the lifespan of your products for up to 15 years during transportation and storage, without the need to maintain, refurbish or repack.

It’s oil-free and available in a range of packaging applications. It’s environmentally friendly and conforms to RDHS, TRGS 615 and TRGS 900 regulations, and is recyclable and easily disposable.

INTERCEPT TechnologyTM is cost effective as it delivers high process optimization, removing unnecessary procedures and reducing packaging materials. Significant savings can be achieved.

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If you would like to find out more about INTERCEPT Technology™ contact us today to see how we can revolutionise your storage of corrosive products.

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