How to Maximise Productivity with Custom Packing Benches

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Maximising productivity in your packing area is key to streamlining your packaging operation and enhancing productivity.

Custom packing benches are a great solution to optimise your packing process, as they can be tailored exactly to your needs and customised according to specific requirements.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can maximise productivity by introducing custom pack benches to your operation. We will look at some of the main benefits of an efficient packing station and how bespoke packing benches can help achieve them.

We will also discuss ways you can customise your pack stations to fit your specific business needs, as well as investigate cost considerations and return on investment. 

Custom Packing Benches

The benefits of an efficient packing station

A well-organised packing area is crucial to ensuring your packing operation runs as smoothly as possible. Some of the main benefits include:

1. Increased efficiency and speed of packing

Your packers will be able to pack and dispatch products faster if they have all the necessary packing materials at hand. Disorganised shelves and misplaced items may cause delays and impact the speed of your packing lines. A well-organised packing area will help avoid mistakes and save your team time searching for products and packing materials they need for a fast and efficient product dispatch.

2. Maximised space utilisation

Organising and configuring your packing benches is essential to maximising room in your warehouse. Packaging stations that are tailored to your space will help optimise your warehouse floor.

Making sure your warehouse is laid out as efficiently as possible will not only help you better utilise space but also ensure your packers don’t need to walk long distances to pick up necessary items. This, in turn, will help enhance efficiency and avoid unnecessary downtime.

3. Enhanced packer comfort and safety

Ensure your team is comfortable and happy with their work area. It will be hard for them to pack efficiently if they are tired or need to twist a lot to pick up packing materials.

A well-organised pack bench with packing items organised between hip and shoulder height will help prevent fatigue and increase productivity.

Custom Packing Benches

Customisation to meet specific business needs

Custom pack benches can be tailored to your specific requirements, allowing you to simplify your packing processes, boost efficiency and make the most of your space.

There are many features to choose from and you may also want to consider adding some of the tools that can help you pack faster and more efficiently. Options include:

  • Organisational tools, such as trays and dividers to keep packing materials in order and make them easy to find
  • Efficiency tools, like dispensers, roll holders and cutters to maximise productivity
  • Ergonomic tools, including adjustable monitor arms and keyboard droppers that reduce strain
  • Mobility and stability tools, such as braked castors and levelling feet, ensuring benches can be moved if needed
Custom Packing Benches

Cost consideration and return on investment

Flexibility in the design of custom pack benches allows you to select solutions that meet not only your packing needs but also your budget. The benefits of custom packing benches will also help you save money in the long term, and this should be considered when calculating ROI.

With well-structured packing benches in place, your products can be shipped quickly, meeting deadlines, and satisfying your customers. A more efficient packing area will result in enhanced productivity, happier staff, and quicker product dispatch.

Custom Packing Benches

Custom packing benches available from Macfarlane

Our new range of custom pack benches have been designed to take up less space and increase efficiency in your packing processes.

To make things simple, you can choose from 4 main pack bench designs and add 20 additional part options for greater flexibility with your design.

Customisable pack benches are made from high-quality, heavy-duty steel to withstand even the toughest warehouse conditions. They are assembled to order in the UK, ensuring quality craftmanship, and delivered ready-to-use for ease and convenience.

Contact us today to find out more about our custom pack benches and the options available.