How online ordering can support blended working

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We have got used to working from home during lockdowns. However, as restrictions relax and companies think about returning to the office, blended working seems to offer a good model for the future.

The term refers to the combination of on-site and off-site work arrangements. This means allowing workers to spend some of the working week in the office and the rest of it working from home.

Father working at home with young son

Benefits and challenges of blended working

Blended working offers benefits to both employees and their organisations. Employees get a better work/life balance and a safer working environment when in the office. The organisation benefits from lower office running costs and, having improved the work/life balance for their people, better staff retention.

But it does create its own challenges…

Limited “face-to-face” interactions and shifting work patterns can create chaos in an organisation. Communication and continuity of service can become an issue which, if not handled carefully, may impact customer experience.

Updating paperwork out of hours

Power of an effective infrastructure

You can prevent some of the above issues by introducing a clear working structure to support your procurement team. For example, having a schedule that shows you when employees are in the office and when they are working remotely will help keep everyone in the loop.

Here are some other things to consider: Would it be useful to process orders outside of normal business hours? How will you manage your team in different locations? How can you make sure they can buy products at the agreed price from the agreed supplier? Do you need to confirm recent deliveries or promptly generate a copy of the invoice?

Make online order management easy

Convenience and ease of online ordering  

All these considerations may point to the need for a concise e-trading platform that will help you and your team manage orders and deliveries, no matter where you are, around the clock.

Macfarlane’s customers have access to our free e-trading platform Simplicit.e. This allows them to view and manage their orders, access authorisations, delivery notes, invoices and reporting – all in one place, whenever they need it.

This helps save time, money and the hassle of managing orders from different locations by different people, facilitating blended working and increasing efficiency.

Ordering your packaging online with Simplicit.e couldn’t be simpler! Watch the short video below to find out more:

If you think Simplicit.e could help support your business, get in touch. We can discuss the benefits to your organisation and set up your account today.


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