Four ways to avoid pack rage

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Receiving tiny items in huge boxes can be extremely frustrating, especially when, if packaged correctly, the parcel would have made it through the letterbox first time.

Below are four solutions to help you avoid frustrated customers while ensuring smarter presentation of your products.

1. Only use as much packaging as necessary
This may sound simple but so many retailers get it wrong. Rather than using a single-sized box for all of your products and filling the gaps with loose fill, consider evaluating your range of boxes to better cater for your products.

2. Ensure smarter packaging
All-in-one pack designs such as Korrvu Suspension and Retention packs ensure that products are well-protected in transit and storage with a minimum amount of packaging required. These innovative packaging solutions use a highly-resilient film to firmly hold products inside the box, resulting in a smarter in-box presentation of your products.

3. Make sure your packaging is easy to open
It is also important to consider how easy your parcel is to open. Getting through the many layers of unnecessary packing tape to access the items can be really frustrating and may reduce customer satisfaction with your brand. Boxes with a peel and seal closure come with a simple tear strip, making them easier to open whilst dramatically improving the look of the parcel.

4. Consider alternatives to loosefill
Very few people enjoy opening a parcel with loosefill, it gets everywhere and can create a real mess! There are some alternatives available that can offer protection, give beautiful presentation and an improved unboxing experience for your customers. A good example is Geami. Composed of a tissue lining with a 3D honeycomb outer paper, it allows multiple pieces to be packed into the same box and is easy to recycle.

If you would like to find out more about how Macfarlane Packaging can help you to avoid pack rage, contact us today.

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