Five packaging solutions to help maximise your warehouse space

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Are you finding that packaging is taking too much space in your warehouse? Sometimes adopting a new process can make a big difference to your packaging operation and save storage costs.

To help maximise warehouse space, consider the following five tips:

Air cushioning

Using inflatable packaging products such as Airsac can help to significantly reduce your storage space. Airsac is supplied flat and can be easily filled with compressed air and deflated after use. Not only does it significantly reduce your storage requirements, but it also protects fragile and breakable items in transit, ensuring they arrive in their best condition. It’s 100% recyclable and reusable too.

Airsac is suitable for various applications, including computer accessories, tools, electronics, glass products, kitchen products and ceramic tiles.

Paper cushioning

Tired of storing bulky loose fill or bubble wrap rolls? Consider replacing them with packaging alternatives such as Geami. This innovative paper packaging solution is ideal for shipping fragile items such as ceramics, glassware, pharmaceuticals and electronics. Only one pallet of Geami replaces 12 rolls of bubble wrap!

Korrvu® retention and suspension packaging

These award-winning packaging solutions take up less storage space than standard packing boxes and are quick and easy to assemble. They offer superb transit protection by holding your items securely in place – which means you don’t need additional packaging inside the pack. They can be stored flat and are fully recyclable, making it easy for your customers to dispose of.


If you are in the business of shipping bottles, Flexi-Hex® can also save warehouse space significantly, especially when compared to traditional polystyrene bottle packs.

With Christmas fast approaching you will be expecting a surge of demand for bottled beverages. Therefore, having extra space in your warehouse will allow you to get more items out the door.

The Flexi-Hex® kit arrives flat packed and is comprised of a protective sleeve which expands to form a protective honeycomb layer around a bottle, this is then further protected with a self-sealing pinch top postal box.

Store your packaging elsewhere

By using a third party to store your packaging off-site and deliver to you as needed, you can reduce the amount of stock held at your site to free up valuable space and improve cash flow.

With over 700,000 square feet of warehouse space and a fleet of 100 vehicles, Macfarlane’s nationwide Regional Distribution Centres are always close enough to store and deliver your packaging where and when required.

If you would like to speak to a packaging professional about maximising your warehouse space, contact Macfarlane packaging today.

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