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We all love receiving parcels that arrive quickly, damage-free and beautifully-presented!

Packaging plays a vital part in protecting your goods in transit but did you know it can also influence the way customers perceive your products and brand?

According to the Packaging for e-Commerce Success survey by Sealed Air, two thirds of Americans think packaging reflects how much retailers care about them and their shopping experience. 48% of respondents also believe the packaging reflects the value and quality of the products inside.

With the festive period fast-approaching, adding a personal touch to your packaging will help delight your customers and optimise their experience with your brand.

Custom printed boxes are a simple and cost-effective way to personalise your packs. They can be printed with your own design, custom message or a company logo. With low minimum order quantities and a fast turnaround, they are a great place to start if you want to make your packaging extra special this Christmas.

Bringing your brand to the inside of your pack is another great way to impress your customers by offering a truly memorable unboxing experience. What seems to be a plain box from the outside can turn into WOW-factor packaging upon opening.

You can add a little ‘Thank you’ message to help build rapport with customers or include your social media icons to encourage dialogue and feedback.

If personalising your boxes is beyond your budget in Q4, consider adding printed tissue paper inside your packs. This subtle but effective change can go a long way as far as customer experience is concerned.

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