Black Friday is fast approaching – are you ready?

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With the festive season just around the corner, businesses in the UK are preparing for a busy few months.

Black Friday is on November 29th this year, which only gives businesses a short time to launch eye-catching deals and promotions to drive consumers through the door.

Over 90% of UK retailers participate in Black Friday every year. The British public are much more aware of Black Friday and spending is expected to be more than last year as Black Friday 2019 falls on pay-day for many consumers.

With the majority of UK consumers shopping online, website visits during the Black Friday period last year hit £1.2 billion from the 19th to the 25th November and Barclaycard reported transactions were up by 10% by 3pm on Black Friday.

An analysis by Deloitte highlighted that UK consumers intend to spend an average of £567 each on Christmas. Therefore, having your packaging operation prepared and ready to go may well give you that competitive edge during this busy period.

If you are feeling unprepared for Black Friday, don’t worry! There is still enough time to get your packaging operations ready for the “consumer event of the year”, you may be interested in our blog that highlights short term ‘wins’ you can implement to get your packaging operation ready for the peak season.

Implementing a streamlined and efficient logistics and delivery operation will allow you to get more products out of the warehouse and onto the shop floor or if you are an online business, deliver more on time.

If ensuring you have enough space to manage spikes in demand is problematic, you may be interested in our blog “location, location, location”. Managing inventory is also key to meeting increased consumer demand. If you’re short of storage space (or need to expand production) – holding your packaging offsite in a clean, safe environment will allow you to maximise your floor space. This provides further opportunities for you to replan and meet demand.

To find out more about our logistics and delivery solutions that can help you decrease inventory levels – saving you money and space, contact Macfarlane Packaging today.

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