A guide to postal packaging

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It’s estimated that 14 million parcels are delivered each day.

We all know the humble cardboard box, but it isn’t the only packaging product we see on a (often) daily basis. There are many options; finding suitable styles to protect your products can be confusing.

In the blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know! From helping you choose the right solution and exploring the most popular products, you’ll be able to find the right postal packaging solution for your business easily.

postal packaging guide

What is postal packaging?

As the name suggests, its primary use is to protect products through transit. You’ll see this type of packaging used by e-commerce retailers, as the name can encompass many different styles. For example, postal tubes, mailing bags and cardboard envelopes are all types of postal packaging.

Choosing the right postal solution for you

The best postal packaging solution for your products depends on several factors. Below is a handy overview of the main types and their applications to assist you in making an informed decision:

  • Bubble envelopes – If you’re shipping small items that require lightweight protection, bubble envelopes are an ideal postal packaging option. Many bubble envelopes come in letterboxable sizes, so they’re ideal if you’re looking for packing materials that fit Royal Mail postage formats.
  • Plastic mailing bags – Perfect for posting items that don’t need heavy-duty protection. A popular choice for fashion and clothing brands. They’re also a waterproof option!
  • Paper mailing bags  – Paper mailing bags are a recyclable alternative to traditional plastic mailing bags and can be used for similar applications. They come with a self-seal strip for easy closure.
  • Postal boxes – Our postal boxes are suitable for items that meet Royal Mail small parcel guidelines. They are an eco-friendly postal packaging option that contains high recycled content and can be recycled.
postal packaging guide


We offer a wide range of postal products to meet your shipping needs. Our postal products are suitable for many purposes and are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles to suit your needs – for any industry.

Below you will see a small range of what we offer, but if you want a specific type, please contact us today!

  • Paper Padded Envelopes – provides excellent product protection. It is made from 100% recycled paper and recyclable. Offers a convenient tear strip for simple and clean opening, along with a peel-and-seal closure.
  • Enviroflute – Enviroflute is an alternative to the traditional bulky padded mailers made from FSC paper and offers the same level of protection via a patented internal design.
  • Postal Wraps – Wraps fit tightly around flat items and require no additional wrapping or packaging. No packing tape is needed for assembly, but taping your postal packs before mailing gives added security.
  • Postal Envelopes – Postal Envelopes are fitted with a peel-and-seal closure. Items are delivered flat-packed and are available in various sizes.
  • eCommerce Crash-Lock – These boxes are quick to erect and fast to pack. The smart base pops open for easy assembly, eliminating the need for tape. The boxes feature an easy-to-open tear strip for a better customer experience and a self-seal strip for faster packing.
postal packaging guide

Common questions about postal packaging

Below we have listed some popular questions about postal packaging, but if you have any more queries that are not listed, our team of experts will be happy to help you.

Which postal packaging solution do I need?

The type of postal packaging you’ll need to ship your goods will depend on how big, heavy and fragile they are.

For example, if you’re shipping lightweight posters that could easily tear, consider postal tubes. Alternatively, if you’re shipping wine, beer or spirits, choose durable bottle packaging to provide protection in transit.

Our team can help you choose the best postal packaging, get in touch to ask for expert advice.

Is it okay to use branded boxes for shipping?

Yes, branded packaging is a great choice if you want to give your customers a better experience or provide enhanced protection for high-value products.

If you’re looking for custom printing options, we’ve got you covered! We offer a range of sizes and printing options to fit your needs. Plus, you can customise the packaging to your exact specifications – from the shape and size of the package to the style, colour, material, and coating.

Where can I buy postal packaging?

Whether you are looking for a postal envelope, a postal box, a postal wrap, a mailing bag, or a postal tube, Macfarlane Packaging offers a wide selection of postal packaging solutions to suit your shipping requirements.

Our products are available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find the perfect packaging for your products. You can order your postal product directly from our online store, or get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your options.