Three packaging options for food, drinks and gifts this Easter

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Easter falls on 17th April this year, and it’s not all about chocolate eggs anymore. Many people now give a huge range of gifts to friends and family to celebrate.  In fact, M&S reported sales of their online Easter gifts which were up 3,000% last year, which highlights how many retailers can see a spike in seasonal demand

But, if you’re selling Easter gifts, especially celebration food and drink, it’s important to get your packaging right. And by right, we mean secure. No one wants a broken Easter egg, crushed flowers, or the hassle of arranging a replacement.

With this in mind, we would like to recommend 3 packaging options for deliveries this Easter. One for food, one for drink and one for delicate gifts. We are also mindful that the UK Plastic Packaging Tax will be introduced in April. For this reason, all the packaging materials we’ve included below are sustainable, recyclable and plastic-free.

1. Chilled packaging for Easter food

Many Easter food favourites like lamb or chocolate are temperature sensitive. If you are selling items that are ambient, chilled or frozen, and are at risk of being perishable, you’ll need to use chilled packaging (also called temperature controlled packaging). Chilled packaging is suitable for supply chain distribution and online retail.

At Macfarlane Packaging, we have a specialist range of temperature controlled packaging options.  Our RecycoolMe shippers are boxes lined with paper padding that helps maintain the right temperature during transit. When packaged correctly, your products will stay at the desired temperature for up to 48 hours, when teamed with the appropriate coolant.

RecycoolMe shippers are 100% kerbside recyclable, lightweight and easy to use too. A great sustainable packaging option this Easter!

2. Bottle packaging to protect celebration drinks

We all enjoy a glass of our go-to tipple to celebrate special occasions! Whether you’re buying wine, spirits, or a non-alcoholic option, you want your bottles to arrive safely to go with your Easter roast dinner. This is why protective bottle packaging is critical.

If you retail drinks online and want your bottles arrive in perfect condition, there are lots of packaging options to choose from like Airsac® inflatable packaging and UPS spirit packs. However, if sustainability and presentation is a priority for you, we recommend Flexi-Hex®.  It’s a plastic-free, biodegradable honeycomb protector, which is not only eye-catching but ideal for bottle protection. Flexi-Hex® is 100% recyclable too and is available with an outer box for easy pick, pack, and dispatch.

3. Protective paper packaging for flowers & other Easter gifts

Flowers are a popular gift to give during spring, and research shows that Easter accounts for 9% of the total seasonal floral transactions.  When shipping flowers, or any Easter gift, you want to give customers the best unboxing experience. Ensuring the product arrives undamaged is clearly the key to that experience.

Using protective paper packaging is a good way to prevent damage in transit.  There are many different paper options to choose from, and we recommend Geami WrapPak®, which combines protection and beautiful presentation. This makes it a packaging option this Easter.

Geami WrapPak® is made of die-cut paper, which expands into a 3D honeycomb structure, lined with tissue paper. It is quick and easy to use. Also, with 100% sustainable paper, it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic-based protective products.

And it can protect more than flowers! It’s also perfect for bottles and provides cushioning for other Easter favourites such as chocolate!


Macfarlane Packaging can help you with protective packaging solutions this Easter. Fr more information about any of these products get in touch today or ask us how we can help you reduce damages in transit with our Packaging Optimiser.

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