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Safe spirits and wine packaging – tested and certified by UPS

Your top priority is to ensure your product arrives safely to your customers. With this secure UPS certified packaging solution you can avoid damages and enhance the customer experience.

UPS Approved stamp certifies the packaging quality.

Ship safely using UPS Approved Packaging and ensure peace of mind with your damages covered.

As proven by rigorous UPS testing, damage is much less likely with the correct use of UPS Spirits Packaging. Should you experience damage, UPS will pay the damage claim.*

To take advantage, open a UPS account via UPS Page for Spirits or ask your Macfarlane account manager for a UPS contact.

*Subject UPS’s Standard Terms and Conditions and successful account set up process for alcohol shippers.

Why choose UPS Approved Spirits Packaging as your preferred bottle packaging?


Sturdy and high-quality cardboard. Packaging has been extensively tested and has received UPS certification.


UPS Approved Spirits Packaging is widely recyclable.


Your bottle is elegantly suspended in transparent film, so it can be displayed in a shop, bar, boutique or sent to family or friends as a gift. You can easily customise and decorate an insert, which can replace point-of-sale packaging and improve the unboxing experience. Custom printed options are also available.


The packaging was developed following market analysis with glass companies about the different sizes and types of bottles on the market. Our experts created four packaging sizes that will fit the vast majority of bottles.

Easy to assemble

In just a few simple steps, anyone can put the packaging together, which saves you the packing cost. Folding instructions can be found in the video above or in a flyer here.


With this packaging, you can offset your damage costs and eliminate the need for custom packaging for different sized bottles or unusual bottle shapes.

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