Grip Taper gummed paper tape dispenser now available from Macfarlane Packaging

New Grip Taper gummed paper tape dispenser available from Macfarlane Packaging

Macfarlane Packaging is excited to make the new Grip Taper available to customers. It’s an incredibly versatile water activated paper tape dispenser that overcomes the limitation of desktop machines.

Used for the application of water activated tape (also known as gummed paper tape), the portable dispenser is hand-held and offers multiple length options and ejection speeds. This means that it can help improve the efficiency of any packing operation. The Grip Taper also offers speedy roll changes, minimising down time to keep production going.

The device can be used with Grip Tape brand reinforced gummed paper tape, which is 100% recyclable and available in white, brown or kraft colours. Featuring a starch-based adhesive, this tape can also be custom printed with logos or branding in up to three colours.


Benefits of using a Grip Taper water activated paper tape dispenser

  • Portable & easy to carry – the Grip Taper can be easily moved throughout your warehouse and packing area, it’s lightweight too.
  • Speed up your packing process – the Grip Taper dispenses lengths of moistened gummed paper tape ready for sealing with speed.
  • Rapid to refill – minimise downtime in your packing operation, it’s easy to change rolls when using the Grip Taper gummed paper tape dispenser.
  • Seamless integration – you can choose to use the Grip Taper as a handheld device or store it on a packing bench mount for the best of both worlds.
  • Control over material use – the easy-to-use controls allow you to set pre-determined lengths of tape, helping you regulate how much packing tape you use and minimising waste.

Why choose water activated paper tape?

Water activated paper tape is a great alternative to traditional plastic packing tape. It is made from paper lined with a starch-based adhesive that requires moistening with water to activate it.

Also called gummed paper tape, it is a tough and durable taping option for sealing cardboard boxes. Once applied, it creates a strong bond with the cardboard and offers tamper-evident protection. Once it has been removed from a box, it cannot be reapplied.

It’s also an eco-friendly packing tape option, as it is recyclable and made from a renewable resource. You can check out six reasons to try gummed paper tape here


See a video of the Grip Taper in action


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